Advanced Imaging System

21CI Solution is an Integrated RIS / Advanced PACS that would address 360 degrees of panorama of the need.


The accelerated evolution in the field of Diagnostic imaging has resulted in the search for avenues that are efficient and patient-sensitive.

There are two distinct trends that have emerged in the field of Diagnostic Healthcare.

  • Hospital bound diagnostics.

  • Chain of Independent diagnostic centers

Key success factors for both the trends revolve around

  • Improvement in Turn Around Time (TAT)

  • Excellence in Clinical Quality of reporting that enables timely and accurate treatment

  • Cost effectiveness of the services to make healthcare affordable

Access to images and ability to process and conclude about the examination is the main contribution of Picture Archival and Communication Systems (PACS). This, though, is only the tip of the iceberg. It is the entire end-to-end process of diagnostics, which needs to be optimized rather than only the PACS. The PACS alone would result in isolated islands of automation catering to only few diagnostic consultants.

21CI Advanced Imaging solutions are designed to address the complete process including all the stakeholders in Diagnostic imaging, namely Patients, Service Provider / management, referring clinicians and most crucially the Diagnostic consultants. Radio diagnosis is the largest stakeholder in diagnostic imaging and hence our flagship diagnostic workflow product Apex is tuned for Radiology Workflow.