Research & Development

Our R&D strategy is focused on Applied Research to develop solutions that will transform healthcare service delivery globally. 21CI R&D Team undertakes targeted research and development work to address problems of healthcare service delivery.

Our applied research practices focues on key areas of healthcare service delivery and management. Some of the areas on which our R&D team is working include:

  • Automated Schema Mapping and Business Rules Engine for Configurability &
    Adaptability of our solutions by end-users
  • Tele-Radiology and Tele-Pathology, Remote Telemetry
  • Overall Data Security & Privacy
  • Distributed and Cloud Computing


Our R&D efforts have enriched our solutions with unmatched quality and precision in managing complex business processes. 21CI HADF, Interfaces for equipments and rationalization of infrastructre cost in RIS / PACS are some of the examples where our efforts helped healthcare service delivery insitutions become more effective.