Solution Suite

Our products are multilingual, configurable, modular and adaptable with flexibility to cater to the varying needs of different market segments, types of healthcare provider and geographies.

Our solutions can work for stand-alone organisations as well as for an enterprise consisting of multiple organisations

Modular Design


Multi-Organisation Design

Interfaces Interfaces Interfaces

The entire product suite is modular and selected modules like (Billing, Pharmacy etc.) can be implemented independently. At the same time, all of these are completely integrated modules.

Provides interfaces with medical equipment (DICOM, Non-DICOM), Devices, commonly used ERPs and Clinical Standards & Databases (ICD-10, Snomed, Drug Databases, CPT, LOINC etc. 

Multi-Organization Design provides comprehensive enterprise management and control over processes and policies from Headquarters At the same time, it provides flexibility to individual centers of the organization within the framework of the organization policies.