Healthcare Application Development Framework

Strategic Advantage for Business Organizations

21CI HADF is an Application Programming & Management Framework. The framework includes an exhaustive library of business logic, processes, programming and data presentation functions that empowers system administrators and configurators to transform the application to meet the changing business dynamics.

All 21CI healthcare solutions like HIS, LIS, EMR, PACS etc. are built using our HADF platform.
This enables our solutions to meet future business requirements.


Oriented Programming

HADF simplifies the development cycle by generating code automatically. Developers can now focus on business logic, which translates into quicker delivery of products than the traditional Software Development Lifecycle

Database Independence

The Data Access Layer makes the products developed using HADF database independent. The underlying business logic does not change even if the database system is changed.


Empowers the stakeholders by facilitating source-code independent configuration. Implementers can tune the system to each individual organizations business requirements with less dependence on technologist


By incorporating standards like HL7 and XML, HADF provides the ability to interact with third-party systems which may be technologically, linguistically, legally and culturally disparate.