Laboratory Information System

In modern era of healthcare delivery, 21CI LIS transforms labs from a diagnostic or supportive tool for a clinician's diagnosis and treatment, to become an integral part of Care Pathway and Clinical Decision Support System.


The challenges for today's pathologist is beyond accuracy and cost: they have to withstand the modern challenges of clinical laboratories, such as

  • Minutes versus Hours
  • Scalability versus Standardization
  • Performance versus Resource & Cost Optimization
  • Care Pathway versus Lab Workflow Automation

Irrespective of the lab size, service offering, specialty, business model or geography, major clinical laboratories have recognized that their ultimate goal is to ensure 100% end customer satisfaction without compromising on quality and accuracy hence being responsible for continuous organization growth.

In addition to these requirements, laboratory institutions faces veritable challenges such as patient and staff safety, referring physician's satisfaction, compliance to regulation and accreditation norms, cost effectiveness and finally increased competition.

With a working experience of more than 200 laboratory centres, 21CI understands these challenges while implementing 21CI Laboratory Information Management System. We are one of those few organizations that concentrate on Medical Laboratory Management System with enterprise laboratory workflow process, optimizations, assess and prepare each stakeholder for the transition, and then provide a choice in selecting technology backed up by demonstrable evidence. The actual responsibility goes beyond demonstration and recommendations by bringing the industry's best practices in our Laboratory Information Management System, quality accreditation-based workflows, tools and techniques, and experience and eventually helping customers achieve implementation objectives.