Technology Partner

Technology partnerships are critical to 21CI's ability to deliver cost-effective and best-in-class solutions to healthcare delivery organizations. 21CI understands the challenges that healthcare delivery organizations face in aligning the Information and Communication technology integrations with business strategies.

Today, healthcare is a complex, personalized, sensitive and localized service: whether it is for one patient or a hospital, each entity has unique needs and expectations. To meet these needs and expectations, 21CI intends to partner with a range of technology provider organizations—from niche players, innovators, trend-setters to pioneers and established market leaders.

This partner development provides an opportunity to integrate 21CI solutions with an extensive technology eco-system. The result is that our solutions can impact the needs and expectations of the healthcare industry. With these technology partnerships, 21CI is able to provide rich technology platforms and solutions that can translate to increased productivity and/or reduced operating costs for our customers.

What you gain from this symbiotic relationship:?

  • Test your new technology in a sensitive and complex industry

  • Support to expand your market

  • Partner to collaborate for proposing and implementing a win-win deal in healthcare informatics market