21st Century Informatics is a global healthcare informatics solutions company. Our innovative healthcare informatics solutions are used by healthcare service providers such as Hospitals, Diagnostic Center and Specialty Clinics among others.

With over 1,200+ man-years of domain expertise in healthcare processes & software systems, our Healthcare Informatics Solutions have benefited over 500+ healthcare organisations globally.

21st Century Informatics is headquartred in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. With our Innovation and Knowledge centre in Mumbai (India), we service our customers across five continents with our regional offices in UAE, Saudi Arabia and India.

We are assisting medical institutions and managers of healthcare to dramatically increase their reach and productivity. Our transformative solutions improve the availability, accessibility and affordability of healthcare services. At the heart of our proven solutions, is the importance we give to people, processes and finally, technology.

We are driven by the mission and vision to transform healthcare service delivery through people, processes and technology. By using highly successful processes and path-breaking methodologies and processes, we transform the reach, scale, the quality and the affordability of healthcare services globally.

Innovation at 21CI: Transforming Healthcare

The core of our business relies on innovation, we continiously improve the range of informatics solutions that we offer. Our innovation backed by a focussed Research and Development Team has resulted in path-breaking solutions for our clients in Healthcare domain.

Our innovations have helped our clients, partners, care professionals and users tranform healthcare. These innovations are a combination of processes and technology outcomes that make our solutions unique.

We strongly believe that some core-technologies have a significant impact on the way healthcare businesses are managed. Towards that direction, our R&D team has successfully delivered Healthcare Application Development Framework and interfaces for various equipments used in healthcare industry.

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