Vertical Solution Partner

21CI is in transition mode from being a product-led company to a technology-cum- platform-led company. Today, we are combining our technologies and providing a platform that supports our customers in creating a strong business impact in the healthcare informatics field.

By incorporating the industry’s leading vertical solutions that have already been tested and proved, we believe that 21CI can strengthen the solutions to satisfy our customer needs and expectations. The vertical partners can collaborate with us, work with our framework, secure or expand their market, and make additional revenue while investing minimal time and money.

We seek industry leaders, product innovators, and organizations that manufacture software and technology products and focus on the healthcare vertical. We welcome everyone to join us in this value collaboration. The partners can bring in their best practices, and integrate and compliment their applications with our platform/framework. For partners who have vertical expertise in healthcare, this partnership provides an opportunity to optimize their domain expertise and solutions with our platform/framework and provide a complete package of services that will provide effective solutions to the customers.

What you gain from this symbiotic relationship ?

  • Enhance your business offering through synergizing with 21CI suite of products

  • Expand your Market by complementing with 21CI suite of products

  • Seamless and easy integration to be part of the value chain