Healthcare Information System

21 CI APEX Enterprise is a unique solution offering from 21 Century Informatics that helps healthcare delivery organizations look beyond traditional module-based applications and focus on a platform-based application that unleashes quantum improvements in revenue cycle management and clinical processes productivity and attains time-to-service for care providers.

Understanding the challenges in Healthcare Service Delivery

The management of Healthcare Delivery Organizations worldwide is facing the twin challenges of delivering excellence and high-quality patient care and at the same time keeping costs down by operating with highly efficient and optimized resources. Added to this is the pressure from competition - executives are looking for metrics and measures to cut the lead time for patient responses, support service responses, supply chain efficiencies and clinical standardization.

The growth of chains of institutions with entities such as corporate houses, strategic business units, healthcare mobile units and collection centers brings with it the need for a centralized governance. 21CI’s Hospital information management system is designed in such a scenario that, liberty and freedom at the unit level is a predominant feature that requires focus. A single dashboard connecting the corporate house's and the strategic business unit's performance, uniform communication language, standardization of data across the value steams and centralized health records are the other focus points our Hospital information management system