Healthcare Information System

21 CI APEX Enterprise is a unique solution offering from 21 Century Informatics that helps healthcare delivery organizations look beyond traditional module-based applications and focus on a platform-based application that unleashes quantum improvements in revenue cycle management and clinical processes productivity and attains time-to-service for care providers.


  • Significant improvement in patient feedback

  • 12 to 18% increase in staff efficiency Effective performance monitoring with real-time indicators

  • Improved quality of care

  • 10 to 30% reduction in capex expenditure

  • 60 to 80% reduced wastage of Items

  • Faster TAT in service delivery, leading to 12 to 18% increase in service capacity 100% improvement in discharge process

  • Effective operational performance monitoring

  • Effective patient feedback reporting

  • Effective trend analysis of a patient's clinical data

  • Improve overall clinical efficiency

  • Customize ICT systems according to needs and expectations of the organization

  • Improved system security

  • Integrated single application

  • Minimal total cost of ownership Leaner IT and 12 to 18% increased service capacity

  • Empowered staff with lessn dependency on IT

  • Improved satisfaction from end users

  • 80 to 90% elimination of obsolete inventory, zero stock of expired Items

  • Corporate & insurance billing cycle reduced by 60 to 70%

  • 80 to 95% lesser rejections in corporate & insurance billing

  • Significant improvement in working capital performance

  • Effective financial performance monitoring and improved visibility